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How to take care of Curly wigs

How to take care of Curly wigs

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Step #1 – Section the Hair

The first step of curly wig maintenance is to separate sections of the hair. If your curly wig has tight, small ringlets, like the Bohemian curly bob wig , then separate the hair into smaller sections. If your curly wig has larger, looser curls, like Ocean wave wig, you can separate the hair into larger sections

Step #2 – Spray a Detangling Mist

Next, you should very lightly spray each section with a conditioner moisturizer spray. When working with a human hair wigs, you should only use products designed for human hair care.

Step #3 – Gently Brush the Hair

To remove tangles, gently brush the curls. Make sure that you always use a wide-tooth comb when brushing curly wigs. Regular combs and hairbrushes will ruin the curls and can leave your wig looking frizzy or result in shedding.

Step #4 – Restore the Curls

After you have removed any tangles or knots from your wig, you need to restore the curls back to their original style. Depending on the type of curls your wig has, or that you want your wig to have, separate the hair into sections – smaller sections for tighter curls, larger sections for looser curls or waves.

Use your finger to twist each curl gently, and allow it to fall back into its original curl pattern. If you notice that your curls are not bouncing back properly, try twisting your curls in the opposite direction.

Step #5 – Store Your Wig Carefully

The final step in how to care for curly wigs is ensuring that you store your detangled wig carefully. Gently cover the wig with a hair net to keep the curls in place and to prevent further tangling. Then, lay your wig flat into the bag or box in which it arrived or place your wig into a plastic, sealed box to stop it from getting dusty.

When it comes to wig care, remember this: do not throw your wig onto the floor, a counter or a chest of drawers as this can easily lead to your curls becoming tangled and knotted.

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