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Lace Front Wig

Top 5 Tips on How to Look after Your Lace Front Wig

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If you’re looking for a natural, realistic and stylish wig, then lace front wigs are a perfect choice. They offer an almost undetectable front hairline that looks like your own natural hair, making them the ideal choice for anyone who wants to achieve a flawless look.

However, wearing a human hair lace front wig does come with its own set of maintenance requirements. The delicate lace material that makes up the wig needs special attention and care in order to keep it looking its best.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with 5 essential tips on how to look after your lace front wig. Following these tips will help ensure that your lace front wig stays in top condition and retains its beautiful appearance for years to come.

Tip 1: Cleanse Regularly

Cleaning your lace front wig regularly is essential for preserving the natural look and feel of the hair. As it removes debris, dust and product residue which can build up over time, leading to dryness and dullness in the hair fiber. It also helps to maintain the natural oils of the hair and helps protect against damage caused by external pollutants.

Additionally, regular cleansing can help ensure that your wig remains free from bacteria and fungus which can damage the hair fibers and cause severe scalp irritation.

colored lace front wigs
  • Use a gentle cleanser specifically designed for wigs. This cream or liquid cleanser will help retain delicate hair fibres and keep the wig looking in its best condition. The wig should be washed using lukewarm water and gently massaged for one to two minutes before rinsing off.
  • Avoid damaging the hair fibre. The wig should be air-dried naturally without using a hairdryer which will help keep it in optimal condition for longer. Additionally, never rub or twist the hair; instead, handle it with soft and gentle strokes.
  • Rinse shampoo thoroughly before drying. Make sure to get rid of all the shampoo residue as this can lead to buildup and damage the delicate hair fibres. Use lukewarm water and gently massage for one to two minutes. Once completely rinsed, towel dry the wig and leave it air-dry naturally without using any heat tools such as a hairdryer or curling iron.
  • Brush or comb in one direction only. Use lukewarm water and gently massage into the wig for one or two minutes. Afterward, the towel dries the wig to remove any excess moisture and leaves it to air-dry naturally without using any heat tools such as a hairdryer or curling iron.
  • Wrap the wig in a warm towel and allow it to dry naturally. Leave the wig to dry for several hours until it is completely dry. Once fully dried, brush through the wig with a wide-toothed comb to restore its natural shape and style.

Tip 2: Store Properly

Storing your lace wig properly is essential for maintaining its shape and quality. It takes just a few simple steps to ensure that your wig stays in perfect condition.

Brush out the wig using a wide-toothed comb

This will also help to keep the strands of hair smooth and silky so that your wig looks its best at all times. Make sure to start from the ends of the hair and work your way up in gentle strokes so as not to damage the delicate fabric or cause any breakage.

With regular brushing, your lace front wig will remain tangle-free and look just like new!

Place the wig onto a Styrofoam mannequin head

Please ensure that the hair wig stays in its original shape, which can be very important for achieving a natural look. Make sure that you properly anchor the wig onto the mannequin head with pins and carefully adjust all the strands to ensure they sit naturally. This will help keep your wig looking fabulous all year round!

Put the wig in its original box

If you are not wearing your lace front wig and want to store it for future use, putting it in its original box is the best way to keep it safe. This ensures that the wig stays clean and that any parts or pieces stay neatly organized in one place.

It's clear that you wrap the natural hair wig up in tissue paper before placing it in the box for extra protection. With this method, your lace front wig will remain like new even after long periods of storage!

No direct sunlight, heat, dust or moisture present

Keep it in an area with good air circulation so that air can pass freely and help prevent mites from forming on the hair strands. By taking these precautions, you can be sure that your lace front wig will remain in great condition for years to come!

Tip 3: Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

It is important to protect hair fibers when heat-styling your lace front wig with the appropriate tools and techniques. Heat styling can damage delicate strands and make them prone to breakage, so using the right tools and techniques is essential for maintaining healthy hair.

Choose ceramic or tourmaline heated styling tools that are specifically designed to be gentle on hair, and use the minimum amount of heat necessary.

Additionally, it is important to use a heat-protectant spray before applying any direct heat to your lace front wig, as this will help shield your hair from damaging temperatures.

Tip 4: Use Less Product

Overloading your wig with styling products can cause it to become weighed down and greasy over time. Instead, opt for lighter hair care and styling items such as mousses, serums, and natural oils.

If you decide to use a heavier-weight product such as hair wax or pomade, make sure only to apply a small amount - just enough to create the desired look without weighing down the hair fibers.

human hair lace front wigs

In addition, to achieve the best results when styling your lace front wig with heat tools, it is important to use a combination of heat protection sprays and other products.

Before applying any kind of direct heat, be sure to spray your wig with a heat-protectant product - this will help to protect the delicate hair fibers from excessive damage caused by high temperatures.

Once you have protected your hair from direct heat, use styling products such as mousses or creams to define your look and provide extra shine. Finally, you can finish off with a light mist of hairspray for texture control and added hold.

Tip 5: Choose The Right Glue

When it comes to safely secure full lace frontal wigs onto natural edges, two of the safest glues to use are Pu-2 Adhesive Glue and Got2B Glued Blast Freeze Spray.

Pu-2 Adhesive Glue

Pu-2 Adhesive Glue is an oil-based glue specially formulated for use with wigs and toupees. This product is designed to provide a secure fit, holding the wig tight to the scalp all day long.

To use Pu-2 Adhesive Glue, start by carefully applying a thin layer to the desired area of your wig. Make sure to evenly coat the area without putting too much on as this can result in an uneven application.

Once you have applied the glue, you can either wait for it to dry or quickly blow it dry if you want a more immediate result. Allow the glue to set before styling your wig as desired and enjoy a secure fit for all day wear!

Got2B Glued Blast Freeze Spray

Got2B Glued Blast Freeze Spray is a styling product designed to give extreme hold and control to your hair. This spray can be used to style all types of hair, from straight to curly and everything in between.

Simply spray it onto dry sections of your hair when using Got2B Glued Blast Freeze Spray. Start at the root and work your way down towards the ends. Make sure to evenly coat each section for maximum results

curly lace front wigs


Taking proper care of your lace front wig is essential for ensuring that it looks great and lasts a long time. By following the top 5 tips on how to look after your lace front wig, you can ensure that your wig stays secure and looks its best day after day.

With the right product selection and maintenance routine, you can ensure that your wig remains in top condition for years to come!

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