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Mizani Strength Fusion Recover Mask

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  • Spirulina, strengthening protein, B vitamins, copper and iron
  • Apply Strength Fusion Recover Hair Mask for Damaged Hair section by section, starting at the ends. For deeper conditioning, cover it with a plastic cap and place it under the dryer. Leave for five minutes. Rinse.
  • Use after 7 days post chemical service

The Mizani Strength Fusion Recover Mask is an intensively deep conditioning treatment for dry, damaged hair. Apply the mask after shampooing and comb through damp hair to ensure even coverage. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use weekly or as needed for the first month of use, then decrease frequency to biweekly or monthly to maintain results. For severely damaged hair, cover hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer while the mask is on.

This luxurious mask leaves hair feeling fortified yet silky soft. Recover Mask's targeted blend of oils and keratin fillers nourish and strengthen hair, sealing split ends while improving hair's elasticity and moisture retention. With regular use, this intensive treatment will have your hair feeling recharged and rejuvenated in minutes. Experience deep repair and lasting transformation with the Mizani Kerafusion system

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Mizani Strength Fusion Recover Mask
Mizani Strength Fusion Recover Mask
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