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Wig Caps for Wear Wig

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Wear wig necessary wig cap

Wig caps provide a smooth base for any wig style. These basic wig caps are made of durable, breathable and skin-friendly mesh material. One size fits most adults.      

To use, simply place the wig cap over your natural hair and secure at edges with bobby pins or snap clips.Ensure wig cap is flushed against your scalp for proper fit under wigs. Helps provide grip for wig adhesion and prevents your natural hair from poking through.  Must-have accessory helps maximize the life of your wigs. Keeps your own hair detangled and provides a breathable barrier between hair and wig.Wear on its own or use with wig clips or tape for the most secure hold under wigs.Affordable comfort solution for any wig wearer. 

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Wig Caps for Wear Wig
Wig Caps for Wear Wig
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